Emmitt Therapy gives relief

Hi Chiarian’s, I live in Western Australia (WA) and have been attending a therapy called Emmitt Touch for the last 6mths. It is a relatively new treatment in WA although I’m led to believe it has been around longer in other countries originally developed by American Ross Emmitt. It is a touch based therapy and I would have to say aside from meditation it is one of my favourites that I get relief from. Like many treatments relief is not permanent but I can honestly say the process during treatment and immediate benefit is absolutely worth it for me.
I just thought I’d put it out there if anyone is interested. My Emmitt therapist says I am very in tune with my body and I have a reaction to treatment quite unlike any other patient. I go in with a relaxed state of mind and try to absorb and really feel as much energy as I can. It really helps me and I’m very glad I’ve found it, even if it is only temporary… sometimes when things are tough it’s enough to keep me going :grinning:

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