Bowenwork? Alternative therapies?

Have any of you tried Bowenwork / Bowen Therapy? I have a friend who is a licensed massage and Bowenwork practitioner. She's been doing some light Bowen moves on my back and hips and it's working wonders! Apparently it gently urges your body to heal itself, where regular physical therapy *forces* your body to do things.


I also like acupuncture - especially the moxibustion treatments. It's just hard to come up with the money since I've been forbidden to work right now!

Someone else suggested craniosacral therapy but I am wary about that since I don't want any further damage to be done to my vertebrae.

Anyone else done Bowen, massage, craniosacral, or acupuncture? Successes? Failures?

7thHouse Doula,

I have had alot of craniosacral work done before and after my decompression. My experience of it before surgery was that it would help for a very short period of time but worked wonders on my headaches. I would actually feel my head draining and some of the pressure releasing from my head. I went to some really great experienced people who were also physical therapist to have it done. After my surgery it has helped with some of my jaw and face pain. I have also had it done in conjuction with Zero Balance which sounds alot like Bowen. It's very gentle but works very deep and gets better even for days after. I would highly recommend both. Zero Balance is usually done by Physical Therapists and is very safe. As far as craniosacral I would just make sure that you have a really qualified person to do it. It feels awesome when you have Chiari. You feel pressure and heat leaving your head and everything relaxing. It's very gentle and doesn't hurt at all. They do this thing where they gently pull on your ears and it's like heaven. You can feel all the muscles in your face relax. I also have done accupuncture for years although I haven't had it done in a long time because I can't afford it right now. It's the only thing that got me through my second pregnancy before I was diagnosed. I was also induced with accupuncture when I had my daughter. It worked great.