Non Surgical Options Discussion

I just wanted to start a discussion about non surgical options that we can use, have used, and to share if they've been successful or not. I have tried PT with pretty good success. I have found that the exercises should accompany patient education and being able to know your limitations and expressing that to the PT. I have gained the knowledge of exercises that relieve headaches, neck and back pain. So I don't need medication as much anymore. Even though it's painful for a while, I did gentle back, leg, neck and stomach strengthening exercises to alleviate 98 percent of my pain. During this time, I also took meloxicam to help with the inflammation and it worked pretty well. I have to admit, I'm a big baby when it comes to taking meds and will try natural alternatives or the minimal

I've also found that black tea is good for my heart and also inflammation (inside and outside of the body). I also do deep breathing, aromatherapy, and would love a full body massage (not deep tissue of course). I'm a little skeptical about a massage because I'm so scared someone might push a little too hard. As you very well know, with Chiari we suffer a variety of aches and pains.

Please share some things that worked for you or didn't work so well.

Hi Christine,

Thanks for starting this discussion. I'm trying to figure out what I can do naturally to help with symptoms. I even started a book to track everything. After going through 2 thyroid cancer surgeries, radiation and now this, it's taken a toll on me. I've gained a lot of weight in the last year and I don't know how much pain meds cause the issue. I read that strengthening the upper back by doing Pullbacks is helpful. Also, stretching, but I'm not sure which are best. I also started walking again. My treadmill died on me so I really miss it. I think being on Tramadol for 2 years after the last radiation treatment when I was diax with fibromyalgia may have 'covered' the Chiari symptoms. It was hard to get off Tramadol, but it wasn't working anymore for pain and now it seems like my body is riddled. Anyway, if you have specific exercises used, it would be helpful. Thank you for your post.


Christine, Where did you go? I hope you didn't leave us, I valued the time you spent discussing things with me. :(

~Lori D

Yeah, I was wondering the same thing. I hope Christine is ok.