Doctors Office Staff

Hi Gang....

Just wanted to throw this out there...

By nature, I am a talker....I can BS with anyone, anywhere(when I am feeling ok!) family finds it irritating at times!!!LOL "You don't even know them"....yeah, whats the harm in asking someone how they are doing while in line at Wal-Mart...or complementing someone you don't know on their necklace..but hey..thats me..

Anyway...I have always found , for myself, that getting to know your doctors office staff is a plus..they seem to get right on things quicker ect...I let them know, sincerely, how much their help means to me...they know I am sincere and I DO tell them that they go above and beyond sometimes for me...

I cannot stress enough how important it was for me to have a good relationship with my NS's Physicians Assistant, Mike..He was my 'go to person'...for everything!!!!!!!!!!!! this guy was the best..he has now left the practice!...Mike did me favors by viewing MRI's I sent him from NY to Rhode Island for his take on it...he did and called me as soon as he looked at them...I live in a small town and I did not trust the radiologist written report..and the NL who ordered the MRI only read the written and never saw the MRI..Well..Mike calls and says something funny like.."I love where you live, went to school in Buffolo...but Geneva (where I had mri done) is not known for their best and brightest radiologists!!" He said you need to see a surgeon....Well we took the 6 hr ride and saw the NS...he had no idea Mike already told me what he i had to look surpirised!!LOL..NS brought us into view the MRI...a cervical disc was , as he put it 'Touching Prime Realestate" (sp)..meaning the disc was actually laying against the spinal cord....I had a fusion and was out of the hospital in less than 24 hrs....worth the ride....

Couple of points here..we know our own bodies..when something is just not right!!! persue if your gut tells you something is amiss. the other point is...the office staff....they can advocate for you...

sorry for the long post. just my experiences.



Yes, these are excellent points and suggestions. I have made friends with most of my neurosurgeon's staff, too. I love his PA, Rami, and his nurses. The nurse I loved the most, left the practice and I was honestly very sad about it. The receptionist told me she liked my change in hair color and told me that she didn't recognize me at first because of my change. I hadn't seen her in a year and was so surprised when I walked in and she said "hi Carla!" It really made me feel comfortable and at home. I have a good relationship with my PCP's staff too. One of the nurses fell in love with my daughter when she was going there weekly for allergy shots. It was a good way to get to know the staff without being the patient!



Lori - I talk to everybody too - it’s a good thing, I think! My kids used to comment to me about too. Now they know it is just me.

lori i do it too,

i have elderly people even stop me in shops, i always stand there and chat, it can make their day,i meet a lady at a mall and we chatted for anout 2hrs, this was a couple of years ago, well when i started the coffee group, she rung up and then remembered me, she told me that i changed her life and made it more bearable, she thanked me for taking the time with her, she never forgot it, (she was in car major car accident, her memory is shot, shes not meant to remember anything) but she remembered me, she straight way she joined my group.

its just to show that sometimes taking alittle time for some stranger, can change their life.

it even shows that with staff in a medical place, they too might have probems or not having a good day,


Hi.. an I think a like...a kind word to a stranger can make their day!!

Hey Shirley!! So your kids accept the fact that you are friendly!!! My family should accept it too..LOL..I think all in all they like that I am the way I am except when it slows them down!!!!!!!!!! At church, they complain that it takes me 1/2 hr. to leave the building after the service b/c I am chitty-chatting!!!!!!

Ya all have a great day.




You are so right, I love chitty chatty Lori, too!! Makes for very interesting reading:) LOL!


Carla and Abby:

Thanks for loving me just the way I am.....I needed that!!!

Love ya's,


Actually, sometimes I make good friends doing this chatting thing in grocery stores. When I was on a office trip one time for about three weeks, I met a lady in the grocery store on a Friday night of a three-day holiday weekend. We talked for about 45 minutes and she ended up inviting me to her home for dinner, a dinner party the next day, and to church with her on that Sunday. I was staying in the officers quarters on the base, so it saved me from a very boring three day holiday weekend by myself. Her husband was a pediatrician in the town and they had friends from the All my children TV show at the dinner party. I guess you don't know what you'll do, but I don't think I would invite a stranger from out of town that I met in the grocery store to my home - but it WAS nice of her to do that. Another time I was on a business trip in New Mexico and a lady who was at the conference flew home and insisted I keep the keys to her car so I would have a way to get around over another three day weekend. The government doesn't always give you a way to get where you need to go. I had only known her for about three days. I don't think I would leave a stranger the keys to my car but she did. She saved me from a weekend of taxis, so that was really nice too. We didn't stay friends after the conference but I still remember her name. It was such a nice gesture. I've decided I must look honest! I always try to pay kindness forward, but I still haven't invited anyone I've met in the grocery store to my home yet LOL!



you dont want to change, thats the nice thing about you, it may not be for your family that waits, but hey, they have to accept that you are like that, and when the kids get to adults, they proberly will do the same thing, and their kids will be moaning, lol i enjou talking to people, there are so many stories and experiences to be shared, at the end of the day you are not alone,


whooo there are people who do act of kindness, we might not do it that way, but we do it in little things instead,

im always worried that if i invite someone into my home , they would be crazy, and then pop in all the time, we i cant have my space.