How many of you get depressed because of chiari ?

Hi Dawn:

I do…I take meds which i think helps some.

i do to, but comes and goes, im learning to control it better, but days like today im a wreak, i keep yelling, and now im beatin myself up, i know its just chiari but man, sometimes you wonder what the world your good for, and sometimes its best to disappear,

yes dawn and mary, i hide it too, its like its not ok to admit to it, i dont like a saying im down, and cant cope,
but im learnig it is ok

Why do we all hide our depression? Isn’t it tough enough to have Chiari? I hid my depression for months and through a great therapist have been able to put the pieces of my life back together. Therapy was a life saver for me.

sheila im proud that you have done that, im scared to take that step, i dont want to sound ungrateful to them, i have to get over myself abit atimes, i put my barrers up, why do i do that?

Abby, Thank you but I didn’t get help immediately when I should have. I say I had a silent breakdown and it was terrible to be so alone and isolated. I lost 3 sisters as a result along with nieces and nephews. Chiari is so misunderstood and everyone fails to see it as an illness- it was just a headache to them. I am a different person a year later, therapy and finally realizing my worth has brought me great joy. I appreciate all the support ladies! Thank you

Abby said:

People never knew I was depressed, because I tried to be the one always upbeat. I tried to not think about it, because I came from a family who thinks that being depressed is a weakness. I just tried to hide it from people. “Depression, anxiety and a feeling of hopelessness are very commonly reported among persons with chiari. The depression may result from the situation the person finds themselves due to pain, difficulty sleeping, and chronic illness. Quoted from Dr. Oro” I knew when I read Contents Under Pressure, One Man’s Triumph over Chiari Syndrome, what he was talking about. Then I came to terms with myself, that I had depression and anxiety. It is all part of compromise of the nervous system. Shelia, I am so proud that it didn’t take you as long as it did me and you got help. I almost had a nervous breakdown before I discovered I had a Chronic Illness, called Chiari Malformation. I talked a lot to my family doctor, she was such a blessing to me. She did not stop until she made sure I had the proper diagnoses. My family was there to talk to, but still they did not understand it. My husband has been there since day one, to every doctors appointment, to hear what the neurologist has to say, and he told me, I know what your doctors say, but I really don’t have a clue as to what you feel and the amount of pain you are in, because I am not you.
Dawn and Joelene, I put a lot of barriers up too, but, I found out, it is ok to take those barriers down, with people who understand, like you all and some of your trusted doctors. No one knows better than another Chiarian what we deal with each day. Dawn, we have a disease that wreaks havoc on our nervous system and causes so much suffering. If you haven’t got a copy of Contents Under Pressure, I highly recommend you reading it. It made me understand myself so much better, and what he went through, I was going through too. Sending you all much prayers and Thank you all so much for being there for me, I need you all so much and couldn’t make it without you all. Sending many Hugs to all.

when i got ill again 2yrs ago, i blew it at my family i made mistakes and took it out on them, i didnt understand what anything meant, i even went to the point of breaking a razor, and slowly moving it over my arm,
i realised that i was a fool, and broke myself out of it, i was deep in myself, im ashamed to admit what i thought and nearly did that,
ive never told anyone apart from my husband but that also took afew weeks to tell, i was at the point to drop and run away from it all, but then realised that no matter where i ran,i was still going to feel the same, and to deal with it, i would have to face myself,
it was Hard going, and some days i still want to run,