I was so depressed today I stayed in bed all day. Are there anything I can do to make it better

Have you tried any anti depressants? Given that the frontal lobe part of our brains are being compressed every second of everyday, already makes it fragile situation, however, you may find success. I would recommend Lexapro, Cymbalta, or Celexa.

I am so sorry… Im Sending you a huge bear hug and a pint of Ben and Jerry’s chocolate therapy. Just know that this is a normal part of your recovery and the depression WILL pass. Call your support team… Parents friends kids… You are loved and you are not alone. Natalie. Jessica’s mom.

Hi Lula,

I am so sorry to hear that ur hurting so much! I can identify with bad days where I laid in bed all day, in pain. Please try to stay upbeat!! I am a fellow sufferer, just like you. I had surgery in July of 2014 and it has been a long road..........and believe it or not, it can get better.

Before surgery, i was sure i was screwed for life. But through hard work and, i guess luck? I have been able to live a better life since surgery. I am now walking each day for at least 15 minutes (which is alot, lol) and i also have been going on the elliptical too. Doctors say i have permanent nerve damage, but at 38 years old, I am not going to just quit and give up because of this horrible condition

As for you, I want you to know that there is hope! I struggled for years with this.........and still struggle daily. But, my mindset is the only thing that helps me to cope each day. I still have days (even after surgery) where i say, screw this! I feel like HELL and i dont care about anything and i am going to be miserable. I allow myself these days because it helps me cope. Also, not many people can understand what we go through each day. Unless you live cannot understand! So, if family is not supportive.........ur in the same boat as me.

Please please reach out to me. I felt compelled to message you and I hope I can bring you some comfort

Shane :)

There been days when I try to cook and go outside. My daughter understand more than my son and husband does. I had to block Texas and calls this weekend. By neighbor who want start drama with me. Being depressed and hurting I sure didn’t need that to deal with. I struggle all weekend and today. Just take my dogs out. I hoping tomorrow be a better day for me. Who knows what tomorrow will bring.

Hey, I got one for you. I am 43 years old and am 3 weeks post-surgery. At times over the years my wife has accused me of having a psychopathy for being so unemotional at times. So un-empathetic against strangers and animals and such. Funny thing is, I am a creative professional where my livelihood depends on being super creative and trying to produce work that enlivens people's spirits in movies, advertisements, videos, etc. At times I am the most emotional thing on earth there is just no predicting when or where the switch gets thrown.

A real conundrum. A heart of stone. A heart of glass. A heart of love. Who knows?

Then, I realized my brain had been choked off of blood and CSF for 40+ years and of course there was no way to know what day I would feel dead to the world and what day I would see the light glimmering off every leaf of an oak tree walking across town where every glisten reminded me of a funny saying or feeling or thought of some special person in my life. Some days I could see everything. Somedays I would feel nothing.

So 3 weeks after surgery. After the puking. After the chronic nebulizers and drugs cause I can't breathe on my own. After I crapped my own drawers more times than anyone would ever want to know, you know what happened? I started writing.

I went to (Not a plug I promise!!!) and started writing a children's book about my father in law dying of Alzheimers and how much he impacted the lives of so many people. True story. I am using my creative outlet to work through the misery. Don't sit there and suck it in. Do something. Learn how to make muffins. Learn how to draw. I even spent two hours fascinated reading a wikipedia page about endocrinology and how the entire system is set up to produce hormones for parts of the body that are very far away from where they are being produced! Like if you grow corn in Iowa, you have to sell it in China/ WTF??? I went on a two-day rant how the global supply chain and endocrinology have so much in common!!!

Long story short, do something. Something simple. Something bold. Something crazy. Your brain is under stress and you can respond however you want.

Go buy one of those Nike "Just Do It" t-shirts and go on your way. If you hit a wall, you will fall. If you find a cliff, jump. Just do it. Anything. Go for it!!!

Hi Lula, I’m sorry you are feeling so depressed. I went through that myself and I finally had to give in and start taking an anti depressant. I take Effexor XR and it helps a lot. I was just diagnosed with Chiari in July after years of trying to find a doctor who could figure out what was going on. I really thought I was going insane. I think every once in a while it’s ok to just stay in bed, but the next day force yourself to get up, shower and get dressed. Make a list of all the good things in your life and if your able maybe go do a couple of hours volunteering. I know it always makes me feel good to do something good for other people…or animals. Just remember you always have a shoulder to lean on or cry on here!!

Antidepressants and family/friends support will help. Try to keep busy and maybe pray. I will pray for you. I have been depressed for over 40 years and my faith keeps me stronger.

Thank you I do pray a lot but some days I feel let down by people.

People do that. You can't expect anyone will take as good care of you as yourself. If you have to sit in bed all day...WHO CARES?!?!?! Just do it. If you can get up today, go be creative. Give yourself permission to try and fail if you have to. But you have to try something.

Random Thought for Lula today: Go to the supermarket and buy 5 new vegetables you have never tried before. Take them home and arrange them in a bowl under a bright light. Take out some pencils and some paper and sketch what you see. Watch how the light bounces off the shiny ones and the dull ones differently. Watch how the textures in the vegetables form patterns and see how the shadows create negative space. Take your drawing and pin it to your fridge like our parents did when we were kids. Then Google up a recipe and cook those veggies in some weird new dish you never otherwise would have had.

If it is awful, order a pizza!

The next time you talk to those people that are letting you down, show them your art or tell them about your new recipe or make sure they NEVER eat whatever it was that grossed you out. Take control of the conversation and don't give a rat's toot what they think about the story.

Just do it!