Decompression Surgery was August 18,2015

I had decompression surgery on august 18, 2015 which is about 3 months and 4 days ago. I am still having headaches they aren't as bad as they were before but they still hurt bad. I am concerned about a few things. The pressure in my ears its not like a constant pressure but i feel it when im like picking up my book bag and bending over to pick things up. The pressure in my back i was diagnosed with scoliosis at the age of 12 can my scoliosis be the reason im having back pain. The constant pain in my neck when i turn my head I thought it would be over by now. Also when I go from sitting to laying down or laying down to standing i feel like my heart is doing something funny.

I had my surgery back in January and I still have the neck and shoulder pain along with the headaches. With only being 3 months post op you still have a long way to go. The pressure should subside after while. They’ve tried Botox but so far that is not helping, but like I said 3 month post op hang in there. I know how you feel. As far as you laying down I would ask my neurosurgeon as see what he says.

I had surgery in June 30, 2015. I still have slight headpressure like headache. The neck stiffness had completely subsided until my car accident 1/6/16. I know physical therapy helped me improved greatly. I would try therapy if you haven't already done so. Try not to get discouraged your body takes time to heal and everyone heals differdntly.

Remember your neck muscles are weak, gentally move your neck in all directions. Only move within tolerance, increase how often you move your head and the deration every few days. When changing position try either slowing how fast you move or change how you move. When getting up after lying on your back try Rowling onto your side. Drape a foot off your bed and push yourself up slowly into a siting position. Remember to breath and pace yourself.