Curious question

i was thinking of the journey i have been on since chiari came into my life and turned me upside down. so i was thinking about how after i had my decopression surgery i couldnt blow my nose and no matter how hard i tried i just couldnt do it, it was like i forgot how to do that, it took me about a year before i was able to actually remember how to do it, so have any of you had this same experience?



I had problems with both blowing my nose and sneezing...not lke body knew how to do was just very painful...gave me huge pressure H/A.

Hope you are having a good day.




That is really a strange one! Sometimes we have to share the really bizarre ones so that we can all have a laugh! Do you think that maybe it was because you were afraid it was going to hurt your head so you subconsciously "forgot" how to do it?


thts what was weird, i knew how to sneeze cough swallow etc…only thing i didnt or couldnt do was blow my nose weirdest thing-it was like i didnt have the muscles or what ever to do so…dont kno exactly how to explain it other then i forgot