Csf leak

Can someone please let me know the symptoms of one. My incision area is tender again in head area, my neck is a lot more stiff again. Surgery was three months ago.

Hi Jen,

My CSF Leak was from Micro Vascular Decompression surgery, so my symptoms were a little different.

Have you noticed any drainage or do you have a temperature?

You have neck stiffness. Rate it on a 1-10 scale with 10 not being able to move it.

Does bright Lights bother you?

Are you having headaches more than usual and are they stronger?

Just from having the symptoms on your post, you not only may have a CSF Leak but Meningitis. I definitely would go to the ER. It is much better to get checked out & be safe. You have symptoms for both & they are both serious.

Please update us on how you are doing. I am not trying to scare you I just have had both & know how bad they can become.

Tracy z.

Tracy, not sure on scale how stuff just know it is worse. most if the pain is at the back of skull where it connects to neck again, kind of feels like a block of some almost like when I first got out of surgery. AlsJo, last night I was dizzy. That hasn’t happened since my surgery. Yes I have had headaches again the last couple of days…more frontal. I have not had a fever yet.

I agree , either call the on call person for your NS or go to the ER. A CSF leak will make you feel bad an may cause an infection or Meningitis, which is not contagious but makes you very sick. It is better to be safe. It would be different if you have had these symptoms since the beginning of your recovery, but 3 months later is telling me this is not just post op symptoms.

Tracy Z.

Oh my goodness. I have been reading this forum and I am afraid of surgery after reading all of this. I sure hope you are alright, Jenutny.