Csf leak never had a surgery

I think I have csf coming out of my nose. It only comes out of 1 side and clear and runs like water. Doesn’t have a snotty appearance. I’m laying down tight now and my lower back is aching. I had tingling in my left hand but gone now. I feel my left ear feels wet inside and both ears are ringing. I have a slight headache. Sore throat. No fever. I’m not diagnosed with anything but my son had decompression surgery back in January which is the reason I’m on here. At 19 he had type 1 chiari and a very large syringomyelia going from c3tot12. I read many csf leaks heal on there own so should I even say anything. I don’t want the doctors to think I’m making it up. We’ve had plenty of experience with those types already.

I am thinking that a doctor’s visit is in order if these are new symptoms. Be clear with your symptoms, state them up front, ask what he would recommend for testing or course of action.

Get going!

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