Coughing and pressure inside head and seeing stars

When I cough I get an abnormally strong build up of pressure in my head and I see stars. Is that a normal Chiari symptom? It’s starting to freak me out because it happens now almost every time I cough rather than occasionally. Sometimes the stars look like little they have tails of light, and I jokingly call this “seeing tadpoles.” lol Is it normal to see different visual disturbances? For instance I have a lot of visual disturbances but they aren’t the same kind every time. They are usually colored blocks of light, circles, or everything goes kinda pixilated…it’s been a long time since I had to deal with seeing double thankfully!


Unfortunately, I believe, this is a symptom of Chiari. Have you been decompressed? Just curious as to whether you are pre-op or post-op. A lot of us experience visual disturbances during different times. I too see stars when I cough hard or sometimes even when I sneeze. I have been decompressed, but still have a fluid build up in my head. You should probably be checked by a neuro-opthamalogist or at least your regular eye doctor. They can do a test to see the inner part of your eye to determine if there is pressure on your optical nerve. If there is that needs to be reported to your neurologist/neurosurgeon. The visual stuff can be very annoying! We all understand what you are going thru.

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Amy.....totally agree with is a very problematic Sx of Chiari.

I too see a Neuro-opthamologist like carla.....IMHO...a regular eye doctor may not be that well versed in our condition.

Let us know how you are doing.