Cost of surgery

My 4 yr old is scheduled for brain decompression, craniectomy and enlargement of the dura. I just wanted to know a round about figure for the procedure done by a pediatric neurosurgeon. Anyone have an idea? Everywhere says it can start @ 30,000 and go up???


The number sounds right if I remember correctly from my own surgery.

Are you without insurance?? If so, does your child meet the criteria for medicaide.

Keep us updated.


Hi Amanda,

Mine was $25,000 just for the surgeons and about $149,000 for the surgeries & hospital fee. Not sure what the Anesthesiologist charged. I did have to have laminectomies on C1-C6 at the same time. If you have insurance find out what your maximum Out of Pocket will be for the calendar year and that is the most you will have to pay. You can always call the hospital and the NS and ask for a estimate. It's important to make sure your Hospital, NS and Anesthisoligist participate with your insurance co. If not you will get stuck paying their total cost or out of network cost, depending on your policy. If you have any other questions let me know I worked for BCBS before I got sick.

I am really sorry your 4 yr. old is going through this. It must be very hard on you. Please know you can always find an ear or a shoulder to lean on here. You aren't by yourself. We truly understand.

Tracy Z.

my daughter had the decompression surgery in 2010 with the hospital stay, surgeon, anesth. and ICU for 2 days and hospital stay for 3 her final bill was over 80,000. the second time she had the decompression with duraplasty, it was a 2 days stay in ICU and 4 days in hospital. that bill was over 100,000.00 we have good insurance, but still paying some out of pocket. But you cant put a price on your kids, it will be well worth it, once its all said and done and he is healed:)

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That sounds right. My daughter decompression surgery,one night icu and total four days at the hospital,plus anesth cost total of 60,000. Same with her second surgery. She has good insurance so first surgery I paid nothing out pocket and second surgery I paid 200.00 for the remaing co insurance. I think Medicaid does cover it,I know her surgeon takes medicaid.

We have really good insurance. I know we have a small percentage to pay, I was trying to figure out how much it would be. Thank you everyone.

You will get seperate bills from the hospital, neurosurgeon, anesthesiologist,and etc. They will all let you make monthly affordable payments if there is any out of pocket that you are responsible for. Well, thats how it is in Ky anyway.