Let me start this post by saying that I know chiropractic isn’t really recommended for people with Chiari. BUT, I’ve been having a lot oh pain in my right hip which has progressively worsened since having my daughter two years ago. I am considering having my lower spine adjusted and wondering if anyone has experience with this. I have a 5-6 mm Chiari and have not had surgery.

I have had surgery and have seen a chiropractor who does adjust my mid and lower back. He also specializes in Active Release Therapy and that works wonders for my headaches whether they are Chiari related or not.

I had the same trouble during and after the birth of my second daughter (seven years ago!) I finally got some excellent hip strengthening exercises (I have been given the same ones over and over again but these ones were different!) and "pelvic loading" ? control exercises. I can now walk farther than one block with out pain and can sleep at night without my hip aching. I am happy!