Chiari's affect on the thyroid

Hey all, I was diagnosed with Chairi malformation last month. I had all the symptoms kick in after an accident 16 years ago. I gained about 60 lbs in a year then as well. I have heard about the affect of chiari on the thyroid. Has anyone experienced a change with their thyroid after surgery?

Yes, I was always considered “little” and “skinny”, but have recently gained nearly 40 lbs. over the last year and a 1/2. For me, I know that I have a slightly under active thyroid, very recently diagnosed by my PC doctor. I am so ashamed of myself and almost wish that it is the Chiari!! Honestly, I think it may have something to do with the depression associated with this horrible affliction!

My surgery was in 2008; I am not sure if that could impact me now. I am just not sure! Thank you for bringing this to my attention, though; I will definitely research some more!

Just had this discussion with my sons NS. It depends on what type of hypothyroidism you have. If you have hashimotos which is autoimmune low thyroid (almost all cases are) then it is not related to chiari. If you have hypothyroid without antibodies it could be related to the chiari causing a blockage and putting pressure on your pituatary. If this is the case they should be able to see an empty sella or at least a depressed sella on MRI.

A blood test can easily tell which type of hypothyroidism you have.