Chiari Support Network Memorial Forum

Let us remember our fellow Chiari members, who came here for support, and gave support.

Feel free to share their photos, stories, legacy and videos as we create memories of their life.

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Here are some links concerning Chiarians who have passed away.

Stories of Ehrick and Garion.

Garion's video We are trying to get this ACT in every state so that medical professionals can no longer ignore the Chiari diagnosis and to help get awareness out there.

Ryan McGee – August 11, 2013 age: 20 diagnosed with Chiari in May. Passed away from complications after surgeries.

Jessica Putnam October 4, 2013 Besides Chiari, she had cancer as well.

Jill Hill October 16, 2013 Jill passed away of complications of Vascular Ehers Danlos Syndrome--which makes Chiari much worse. Jill was 34 years old. Left behind a husband and son.

You already have Danica Martinson and Ryan Evans listed under another comment.