Chiari & Scoliosis Genetically Linked

I recently read of a possible link between Chiari and Scoliosis. My 15 year old daughter has Chiari and I have Scoliosis ~ having my spine completely fused 27 years ago. I was wondering if anyone else has a similar connection?

My daughter has both a Chiari and scoliosis

My mother has scoliosis and i have CM1 with c-spine stenosis and bulging discs.

yes there is a big link with it,

quite interesting really,

i have chiari type 2, i have disks problem lumber, my mum had degenerative disks, my sister has have disk problems in neck unsure if hers is related, another has back issues,

there is a theory that chairi is caused by your cord being to short and it pulls your spine where is shouldnt,

there is also the issue with C1, if this is out it causes the whole spine to not be right and chiari effects C1,

sorry with recovery and memory returning abit, i rumble on,