Is Chiari hereditary?

I know the research is vague on this topic, but I was wondering if chiari is hereditary or if anyone else on here has a child/relative that also has chiari? I am asking this because my 17 year old daughter has a history of headaches like I did when I was younger and just this past Wednesday was in car accident that resulted in a totaled car and a concussion and whiplash for her (luckily she was spared any major injuries considering how bad the accident was). However, it appears she lost consciousness and hit her head. She is now hving some severe headaches/pains on and off. I am worried that if this is hereditary that now this accident will cause her many of the same issues I have. I have already told her Dr. that i have chiari and this is a concern for her (by the way, she was prevously treated for scoliosis was 12/13 that they determined was not going to be a problem for her or require surgery).

My 10 year old son also has chiari. It was an incidental finding. So far he has no symptoms. I was diagnosed two months ago. My mother is having a lot of the same symptoms I am having and I am suspecting that she may have it too. My mother & I both had head injuries prior to onset of symptoms. I hope my two girls will be spared. Goodness sakes we’ve got enough chiari goin on around here… Prayers for your daughter. I hope she will be ok.