Chiari and the Flu

This is my first question to throw out so bear with me. My little guy is 7 and was diagnosed a few years ago (by incident he had concussion & they found it). My mother in law has Chiari as well as her brother.

No surgery so far (fingers crossed), they monitor it (next MRI in August).

He came down with the flu last week. 103 temp for 6 days, and fever finaly broke this morning. He however now has been crying for the last 2 hours that his head hurts very bad.

He is prone to headaches (always says pain is horrible at his temples), and is a patient as Children's Headache clinic.

Has anyone had the full blown flu (type A) and had this??? I HATE seeing him like this :(

I didn't have the flu, but I do know that sinusitis seemed to increase my headaches.

I have the full blown flu. What medications is he taking for his headaches? Go to Walgreen's and get Arnicare & rub it on his temples. It's Arnica Gel & incredible. I have chronic pain that never goes below an 8 with pain mgmt and Arnica saves me daily. You can also get it at GNC & Whole Foods. The normal dosage is 30C. It is natural and will not conflict with any medications. I would never recommend anything that doesn't work. I have tried everything. I put it on my neck 3 x a day & head & face when I have a headache. Along with my medication. It's natural and safe for children. Please let me know how he is doing & tell him a nice lady in Va. said this would help him.