Chiari and Hormones

I was just wondering if anyone else has hormone issues. I have had them all my life. When I was a child I was on Human growth hormone because I had none of my own and without it I would have been a dwarf. I thank God everyday that it did work. I also have had hypothyroidism since I was 7yrs old. I have little to no estrogen so I have been on BC pills since I was a teen. Now knowing that I have Chiari it makes me think it some how effected my pituitary gland. I may be wrong but can’t stop thinking about it. I have seen many endocrinologists over the years and none of them could tell me exactly why my pituitary has failed.

Hi Frances,

I do not have hormone issues other than "THE CHANGE"..LOL..However, I would not at all be surprised if your hormone problems and other endocrine issues actually stem from Chiari..there is so much unknown about Chiari.

I can only tell you my history....I least 4x a yr , would get bronchitis or pnemonea (sp)...Doctor ALWAYS blamed in on my cigarette smoking..which made complete sense to me at the time...but being the nicotine addict I am..I never quit!!....Well, guess what???? I was decompressed will be 3 yrs the end of August...I have not been on anti biotics for bronchitis/pnemonea........and i have NOT quit smoking.....I find it very hard to believe that that is a coincidence .Frances, It got so bad that , the frquency of the lung infections that my doctor just had to listen and know i needed an anti biotic.....So, what has changed??? I have been decompressed.

Thus...nothing would surprise me with Chiari!!!

Take Care,