Blacking out or Fainting

Why do you think we have our black outs, or near fainting and or even fainting?

hey abby…

our spinal cord has a our pressure running though it, when we stand or move in certain ways, our pressure changes, in chiarians, the return of pressure is alot slower, then people without, our flow is compremised.

thats why if you have a MRI and they put a moniter on your finger, its to check the pressure and to see if it runs properly, if it doesnt you have a fluid block, thats the science of it,

my theory is, our brains are having trouble and sometimes to rest it needs to stop like, a coma to try to heal,
dotn know if that makes sence…

im not doing so well today, im glad im busy typing to keep me busy,
im weak today, have a sore head, got no energy, pressure behind my neck, and at times i get dizzy, ive never dropped but wonder one day if i would,
ive just been told by one of my friends go to hospital, but theres nothing they can do, you get though it, lucky kids are happy watching movies, i got relly bad i could stir my cuppa with a teaspoon, these are the days i wish i had a butler oh and nanny, oh and dont for get house cleaner, havent even touched the house yet, lol and not going to,

thankyou abby

you have a knack of bringing me back up when im down, im doing abit better, but it can come over in waves sometimes, im learning to rest, im not a superwomen, even though i would like to have some of superpowers, ive always wanted to fly. lol

no superwomen, but told to day im the hulk, from all the tests, eg MRIs.
thought that was funny,


Glad the tests are behind you…let us know how you make out. Hope you are resting tonight.

thanks for all you support.