Best shoes for balance/walking issues?


I just wanted to share my own experience…I so not have stock in Scketchers Shape-Ups!!!

But, let me tell you…they are great…I am really cheap when it comes to buying things for myself…i LOVE thrift shops…LOVE THEM!!! Anyway…I really needed to make an investment in ‘good’ shoes’ …went to Kohls…Thank GOD I had a 30% off Coupon…the sneakers/shoes were on sale…bottom line…

I feel more stable when I walk…however , they are taking some getting use to …But I just wanted to let you guys know what I thought of that product.

Does anyone else like a particular brand of shoe/sneaker???

Have a Good Day !!! God Bless,

hey lori,
im luckly my balance only goes out occassionaly, so im to fussed at the moment,

those have only been advertised here for exercising, so not on our market very long, you can only purchase them though a seen on tv, place, but i think you then get an exercise program with it ohhh and also an eating plan, lol