Been gone a long time...acupuncture helping me a LOT

Hi everyone, I've been gone for many weeks now and I'm so sorry for not staying in touch and more active. I have been so sick! Between the pain I was having, then I got a nasty kidney infection, now I have some kind of viral infection in my throat (I think I have strep but am on an antibiotic..) ugh!

I started acupuncture a couple of weeks ago and have had 4 sessions now and all I can say is WOW! What a HUGE HUGE difference in my pain. Pain in my neck and arms is virtually gone. I've never had so much range of motion in my neck..even before surgery.

She's been helping with abdominal bloating and I hope today's session will help with the two golf ball size swollen lymph nodes in my neck. I can hardly swallow.

It just seems like since surgery in February, all the systems in my body have gone whacky! I'm hoping that if I continue with the acupuncture, that my body will get back to something normal.

I started having really bad headaches again a couple of weeks ago, but my practitioner took care of that in 2 visits. She is so smart.

In fact, I cancelled my f/u with the neurologist. All he will do is give me more drugs. I'm so DONE with more drugs! They just want to mask the real issue. It seems as if the acupuncturist is able to get things working and if I can do that without drugs, great.

She gave me an herbal formula for the brain fog, but that hasn't returned in the week and a half since that session she treated it.

It seems like each session I'm going to, she's pinning me down in more places, but I'm getting better with it because I know I keep feeling better when I leave. Today I had needles in my sinuses, all over my head, sticking out of my neck, my belly, and just everywhere..LOL What a sight that must have been! HAHAHA

I am very very tired still..4 months out of surgery. I am getting better though and am hopeful that this will continue.



This is such amazing news! I am so excited for you! I have a friend that has also been going to acupuncture and she is a changed woman:) It is so great to see such progress. I am excited to have a consultation for acupuncture in July. My only draw back may be the shunt and the tubing. They said they will talk with me about it when I come in. The office is opening in a few weeks in my area, so I will be making an appt then. I hope that it can work for me as well as it works for you and my friend! Please keep us posted on your progress. Oh and btw, I MISS YOU!!