At the Mayo Clinic

I am from Alaska and we came here to Scottsdale to get treatment for chiari and the new neurologist insists I have chronic daily migraines. I can't get her to understand that I was diagnosed in 2005 but it didn't become a problem until the past year. She thinks I can be treated with different medication, even though I had an entire list of medications I've already tried. I'm supposed to have an MRI and sleep study. I don't need a sleep study, I need her to listen to me carefully and she didn't. She said if I have a chiari I they won't do surgery anyway. So, I'm waiting to get the MRI and see what is there. I'm so frustrated!! I came here because my doctor said the Mayo is the best place to send me. I can't even begin to say how awful I feel. She said I have chronic migraines. No, I don't. Any suggestions??

Any help is appreciated!!

I will have to agree with you 100%. Alaska is NOT the place to find a neurologist. Been there done that. We ended up moving to San Diego, Now we have traveled to NY for my husband surgery but reside in a warmer climate. So my first question to you is "does weather change affect how you feel?" And have you had any contact with 'The Chiari Institute' in NY?