Anyone heard of CM1 causing Labymintheitis (hope I spelled that right)

I was just informed that my Vertigo is caused by Labymentheitis (pressure on the inner ear) but they kind of shyed away when I asked about that and my CM1. Has anyone heard of this before?


Sorry I have never heard of I must Google it!! Sorry I am of no help.....So sorry you have this too , to deal with.

keep us updated on how you are.



I had to google it also. Did you have a CT Scan or another test showing the Labyrinthitis? From '07 to '11, I was told my vertigo was Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo. I was taking Valium to help with it and last year had an Epley Manuever in March to help. I think this manuever made my Chiari flare up. Since surgery in Sept '11, I have not had any vertigo so I believe my chiari was causing the vertigo not BPPV.

Good Luck! Hope you find something for relief because having vertigo all the time is awful.


Thanks Everyone!

I have had two CT’s that show it was nothing else. My file and my Doc’s know about my CM1 but I went two years symptom free and these symptoms are new so just wanted to check.

Thank You for the kind replies and the good info :wink: Best of luck


Good afternoon. Today is my first day on this support site. The reason I decided to join a support group after 5 years of living with a fairly mild case of CMI is that I had a scary incident this past weekend with severe vertigo. In the E.R. I was diagnosed with Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV). I had considered inner ear issues as possible causes but because of the Chiari I was apprehensive and therefore chose the E.R. route for treatment. When they diagnosed the BPPV I found myself questioning whether or not anyone else out there with Chiari has had problems with severe episodes of vertigo. I have vertigo all the time that last a matter of seconds and I carry on with my daily activities as if nothing were wrong. But this time I was completely immobilized and could not stand on my own without assistance - and barely even with assistance! So, now I am curious to have a follow up and discuss BPPV with my PCP, as well as the labyrinthitis you speak of. Very curious... I'm glad you posted.

Hi there, I suffered from Vertigo, nausea, etc spells for 14 years, diagnosed as Meniere’s disease, before my CM1 diagnosis. I had decompression surgery in November and haven’t had any spells since, I am hoping it is a result of CM1. Praying for you that you find some relief, I know how miserable it is. I keep antihistamine on hand if I feel a spell coming on it sometimes helps. I also keep meclizine and phenergan for the bad spells. Hope that helps.

Hello misallen, thanks for your input - it helps to hear other people's experiences. I was given meclizine in the E.R. and got a pretty good result and resolution of symptoms with taking it. I have taken it now for the last three days and have not had anymore vertigo to speak of. I will stick with that for now - keeping it on hand in case I need it. Otherwise, I am hoping not to have an event like that any time soon!