Anyone have allergy issues which causes their Chiari symptoms to be worse than normal?

I have been trying to get over the flu (which made my symptoms even worse) and now that I am over the flu, my allergies are acting up so bad (which is causing my symptoms to be even worse again). I have been unable to find any allergy medicine to help. I didn't know if anyone had any suggestions?

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Dawn..sorry to read that you are dealing with another med issue!!!

do you have an allergy doc you could call/make appt????? what about PCP...Carla had good results from the shots...

keep us posted on this,ok???

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I take Zyrtec for my allergies. I think what makes it bad is the sneezing and the inflamation from the allergies. Straining makes Chiari the sneezing definitely will. I don't know why my allergist didn't put me on allergy shots...
Clariton gives me a headache. Benedryl doesn't work all the time anymore like it used to. The last time I took it, it made me swell up. So it was like the opposite effect.

I’ve tried Xyzal. It was great, because it helped me sleep through the night! ! I get up early every morning, and it drives me nuts!