Any one had Stimulators for Occipital Neuralgia

I have had 2 rounds of nerve blocks and they have helped the headaches - at least the ones that start at the back of the head- unfortunately not the ones in the front~!

My headache Doc is referring me to another Doc to see about getting started on the process of having the Nerve Stimulators implanted.

Has anyone else had this done?

What am I looking forward to? do they help?


I have just read about the nerve stimulator. It goes behind your ear???? Please let me know what you find out??? I have a call into my pain Dr.

Thanks Kenny !!!!

Hey Kenny! I do not have one, but it was offered it at one of my appts. I just had Botox injections and they seem to be kicking in a little. I thought I would try this before I went for the stimulator. I have seen where some people have great success and other can't wait to get them out. If you have a facebook page, look up the Occipital Neuralgia support groups. They talk a lot about that on there. That is where I have been getting a lot of my information on them and other treatments. There are also RFA treatments where they use radiation to stop the nerve from sending pain impulses. I was scared of both procedures, so my H/A specialist sat me up with the Botox. I am to get approximately 31, .10ml shots in my head and neck every three months and it is supposed to bring the pain to a much more managable level. It was approved by my insurance because she sent it in as "migraines," although she knew it was ON. I have seen a decrease in pain. I am not pain free, but I am happy for at least a decrease. I am only 9 days out from the injections. It can take up to 2 weeks for them to take full effect. I hope this helps. Good luck :)