Another of those "is it just me" symptoms

is it just me, or does anyone else feel like theyve been shoudler pressing a donkey?!

my neck and shoulders are killing me. just so stiff, like ive majorly over exercised. that and the back pain in he middle of my back and my lower back aching. the middle and lower have ached off and on for years, but rarely both at once and normally when ive been working lent down etc.

just one of those things, or worth mentioning to the doc next time?


ps.the worse my head is, the worse my neck and shoulders are, the worse my neck and shouldrs are, the worse my head is


I feel that same way the majority of the time! If one is bothering me, the other is. I was told my by NL that it has to do with the muscles but that was about all the explanation I got. Oh and btw...shoulder pressing donkeys probably isn't a good idea :)

Do you have syringomyelia also?


Yep, I get super tense in my shoulders and neck. It might be that you're tensing against the pain in your head, which makes your shoulders tense up, which makes your pain worse, which makes you tense up even MORE... It's a vicious cycle! It helps to keep a mental check on your muscles every so often and if you notice them tensing up, take a few seconds to consciously relax them. I do a head to toe relaxation a couple of times a day and it seems to be helping!

Good luck!
Katrina W.