All I have is TIME

I too found this site out of desperation ..Even as I type this my hands have to lay flat on the keyboard because the pain and stiffness is so intense in my hands and forearms. The Dr said last week that my reflexes were gone in my left arm, ( IM not even going to go into the headaches,palpitations, shortness of breath.. or other things here).... I used to play classical piano and played keyboard in worship churches. Now I can only stumble across the keys and play a little bit here at home. I also like to paint and draw. I miss being a nurse, I was a nurse for 23 years, but back surgeries stopped that. I home schooled my kids,, Now my kids are grown, I can hardly hold a pencil now. I can only do my favorite hobbies with great difficulty ... Now, all I have is TIME.....Its like Im in prison

Can anyone else relate ? Any and all comments welcome. I am so lonely

Also does anyone else have this crippling hand pain and stiffness..

i hold a pencil like a monkey!


Oh, I can completely understand your post...thank you for your honesty and bringing this topic up. It is hard to admit that I am lonely...So I am thankful that you had the courage to say it...

I find that being active here on this site has helped so much..the people here are great and 'get it'.

I try and take advantage of my good days..doing things that I enjoy doing...getting out of this house..even if it is just for a short while.

Take care and know that you are not alone anymore!!!