All Clear

So Happy! Just found out that I have no csf blockage! NS wants me to do sleep study for my breathing issues. He said that even though I have issues sometimes during the day the study might detect some brain stem abnormality. Of course he said it had nothing to do with Chiari. I just don't know where else to go. I am going to do sleep study, but if that comes out normal, then what? Well I guess I should be thankful that csf is good, and on to the next study!


That is good news about the flow.

Soooo… he thinks your sleep study may show a brainstem abnormality but if it does it has nothing to do with the Chiari? Hmm.Yes, its true not all Chiarians are symptomatic, but if you have Chiari symptoms AND a Chiari I would highly suspect they are related! I would have second chiari specialist lay eyes on that MRI and correlate with you’re symptoms. It’s always good to rule out other pathologies besides Chiari, that was always just so frustrating for me because nothing ever came of it- just a lot of time and money spent and no closer to an answer or solution. If you feel in your heart that the Chiari is at the root of your symptoms keep looking for a better NS, CFS does not have to be totally blocked before symptoms occure.


Glad that your CSF is not blocked. I have heard of Central Sleep Apnea in Chiari because of brainstem compression . I will try and find the article :). here is the article on Central sleep apnea and Chiari. I hope it helps.