Advice needed ...mattress


hope you guys are all well....i need input on buying a new mattress ...any suggesions.....hubby has a bad back and i know!!


lori..peace to you all.

check out the sleep number beds (when we need a new one this is the one we will be getting) or

check into matress that flip (non pillow top) with real box spring box, you spend a lot of time in bed not a place to skimp on the $

i personally do not like things made of that memory foam anything i think its too hard and for me and other chiarians i would not reccomend it to anyone.

id also suggest to stay away from a water bed. unless you enjoy that motion sickness feeling LOL

hi girls,

thanks for the have to really shop around as far as prices go....anyway....we got the memory foam....laid on so many different types....the sleep # was great..but way, way out of our budget....

personally, as long as the silly springs are not literally digging into my hips i am good w/ any tpye of firm

it is hubby who requires a good, mod/firm mattress....i am the one that needs the good pillow..any advice on that///

thanks, peace,


target has some really good pillows if you like regular pillows- i bought 2 they r about 14 bucks @ on sale i do buy firm pillows but am very careful as which firmness I choose as some firmness are stiff dont like them too firm as to firm/stiff (or solid) hurts i needs some give so i can get the right support- i am now a side sleeper 2 new pillows under head/neck and one old for shoulders (holding)

but if i am having neck issues bad ones i pull out my old relyable pillow the side sleeper from the as seen on TV section in almost anystore now sold for about 20$ but here is a link to as seen on tv store this pillow does bring relief to the neck. I would and have reccomended this pillow to several people even those without chiari and it has helped many even those with often reoccurinng headaches

i would love to help in this, but our terms and types of beds are different and it might just get confusing,

have you ever heard of magnetic underlay?

we have a company here that makes them, they are great for pain, if interested ill give you the website to know more,

they have helped many people with pain and have a betteer sleep


joelene thats interesting that they make them for beds, i wonder what it would do to someone with a shunt. i mean i wonder if the magnetic pull is strong enough to change the setting on a VP shunt.

yeah, joelene...thanks....that does sound interesting....never heard of that type of bed.

many thanks...

lori xoxoxo

check the website and you can email them and ask about it,

ive always wanted one to try, but my husband isnt keen,

my mother brought one for back pain, it helped and allowed her sleep better, and she wasnt as sore,

its worth a look into it, its big in NZ