Advice before surgery?

Any tips I need before my surgery on Wednesday?

Hi Michael,

I wish you the best for your surgery on Wednesday! We'll be thinking of you!

Here are a couple of links to really helpful surgery prep discussions we've had recently. This way I can give you a whole bunch of really great advice at once!



Thank you Donna, I Appreciate it!

Remember it will get better.

That's my #1 advice!

For hospital: toothbrush paste and moutwash and chapstick phone and charger.

Slippers if staying longer than a few days.

I packed tons of crap and I was so drugged up I could have cared less about any of it.

A few people brought iPads to watch movies but I was so out of it I couldn't have watched a movie. But that's just me.

For home:

Paper plates and cups help cut down on the mess: especially when no one is home to help you.

Make sure someone can help with dishes, laundry and general cleaning.

Comfy fluffy pillows and blankets.

Eye mask for sleep and earplugs.

Lots of rest no matter how crazy you feel you will go from doing nothing.

Line up lots of favorite movies or shows on a list cuz you will forget.

And write down when you take your meds. I bought a small notebook but you could type it up and make a check list or do an excel doc on the computer type thing.

Just keep track.

Eat well/drink fluids.

Walk around as soon as you can.

Listen to your body when your head hurts's telling you to REST.

Wishing you the best!!!

*if you have ear pain after surgery get it checked or tell the DR. Mine turned out to be fluid in the ears from intubation during surgery. Hate to see anyone else have pain from that. It's hard enough having Chiari!


You will GREAT!