Absence seizure

Hi folks. I was hoping to see if anyone else has gone through what I did a few days ago. I was in my office and went to send an email and couldn’t figure out how to even log in. This is something I do all the time, yet in that moment I couldn’t process any thought. It was terrifying. It lasted a while and when that fog lifted it was like nothing happened. I decided to go he seen afterwards as Dr. Oro had told me to always get new things checked out. I had decompress surgery about 8 years ago and have minor complications since. I was told I had an absence seizure and I’m not allowed to drive now until they do further tests. I’m just curious if there’s a possible link to my chiari malformation or if this is a new issue. Thanks for any details you might share.

Hey Jeff,

In all honesty Jeff, it could be either (or neither) or a combination of both.
I had a craniotomy and I have 2 shunts (Drain tubes) in my brain. My last major surgery (No.6) was back in 2013. Neuro scar tissue is known to disrupt signals and in some cases ‘can’ lead to an epilepsy trigger. I was told my ‘lapses’ maybe epilepsy related too. They had me wired up for tests, but the tests and monitoring all came back negative. They trialled me on antiepileptic meds, but they had no benefit. It was decided that in basic terms I just ‘fazed out’ from time to time. But I was not given a diagnosis of epilepsy.

To drive I had to get a neuro to sign off in the first instance and each year I now need to get my PCP to sign off and update my permissions. This is registered against my licence. I’m in Australia and each year I get an automatically sent out form to complete.

Hope it helps
Merl from the Modsupport Team

I had a similar situation where I walked out of the bathroom and there was a blank one in front of me and for at least a minute I felt like I just gotten off an elevator and wasn’t sure which way to go. I saw my neurologist as I was also experiencing some fatigue and was tested for Lyme disease and found out I had Lyme was treated with antibiotics and recovered.

I still experience brain fog but never is bad as the above episode it is very scary.

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