3 month follow-up MRI--not sure if surgery worked

Hunter will have 3 month follow-up to see if surgery was successful. His syrinx was very large and I was told that surgery may not have worked. I'm really nervous for the possiblity of having to go through whole thing, again. I'm seeing his behaviors (irritable, slurred speech, aggression) coming back for the first time since surgery (2 1/2 months later). He's also been complaining of tingling in feet/hands and headaches. his legs and feet will hurt after walking for a while. He's 7 years old and wants to play , run, jump, etc...with all the other children. Should I be expecting for MRI to show no improvemtn? Has anyone had same thing? This is so difficult to see a child (or anyone go through!)..


i am so sorry to hear Hunter is is having pain....when is the appt????

how are you doing with all this stress??? be sure to take some time for you.



After 3 months, my MRI showed improvement, but it wasn’t entirely dissolved and gone.

I am so sorry you have this on your plate once again I personally havent had this problem. Was the dr. that performed this surgery a specializing doctor in chiari? if not maybe the next one you want to seek out is a specializing doctor--Best wishes