3 days post-op

Hi everyone,

I am three days post op (craniotomy, C1 lamiectomy & duraplasy). Doing pretty well. Have quite a bit of pain & stiffness. I can't take too many meds, but the low dose takes the edge off.

A weird question - is it normal for the back of my head (around incision) to feel a little lumpy/squishy?

I am figuring it is the swelling and maybe some fluid. It is not a ton, but was just wondering.



Hi Debbie,

My son just had his surgery on September 16th and complained it was hard to put his head on the pillow because it was lumpy and hurt. He kept putting ice on the incision and that helped. His head pain as just calmed down to where he doesn't really need any meds except an occasional tylenol. His neck/shoulder muscles is what still bothers him the most but that has really calmed down also, he takes a Valium for that at night to help him sleep. Another funny thing he complained about was hearing fluids in his head, the NS said it is actually not fluids but air moving thru the head from the surgery. that also went away after about a week. Please don't hesitate to ask ANY type of questions we are here to help. :)

Charsay3 - thank you for the info, that is so helpful. I am sure I will have more questions :slight_smile:

My head felt all squishy too! Especially after I accidentally whacked it on a car door (definitely an awful thing to do) The squishiness has gone away for the most part though. Since you’re just fresh out of surgery I wouldn’t mess with the area a whole lot unless you’re cleaning it. If you irritate it that could be a cause for the swelling. I nearly faced an infection because I couldn’t quit messing with mine! Just some advice :slight_smile: Good luck with recovery!


Thanks for the update....You are only a few days out of surgery...the pain will lessen...yes, I had that too near my incision..goes way!

REST UP!!! Keep us posted!!

Thank you for the update. I am scheduled for decompression surgery next Tuesday. Really nervous.

Where did you have the surgery?




I had my surgery at Allegheny General Hospital in Pittsburgh. Good luck, I know how nervous I was a few days beforehand.

I am doing pretty well. A few rough nights, but I feel like today, I may have turned the corner a bit. It almost feels as if the pressure changes from the CSF have regulated a bit. I have not been able to take anywhere near the dose recommended for pain meds and muscle relaxors because I have such a low tolerance. Hopefully you will have better luck with that and will be able to rest better. I use a lot of ice, which has been helpful.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.