3 brain surgeries since June 2017

Hello my name is Tracy and i have acquired chiari malformation type 1. I was diagnosed May 2017 and had my first decompression June 2017. I developed a psuedomengicele twice and had 2 more brain surgeries, one in September and the third in December. I’ve had a very rough time with chiari and I’ve lost all of my friends. I really need friends.

A friend of mine at work when through about the same thing. She had been misDx for 20 years with migraines, Chiari was finally figured out, she had surgery, three weeks later had spinal fluid issues and went back in for another surgery, a month after that was back for another surgery.

But the good news is once she got through all of that she was effectively “cured.” Hasn’t had a pseudo-migraine in six years.

Hang in there!


Thank you for the great success story. Sometimes it helps to read someone else’s story to give you the strength to keep going.

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Hey TracyW,
I couldn’t agree more with your statement here. Just hearing that someone has a light at the end of the tunnel (and it isn’t a train coming from the other direction lol) does give us the strength to continue. We need to hear these positives sometimes.

Merl from the Moderator Support Team