2nd opinion today

Saw the 2nd surgeon today. He thinks surgery should be done within the next 3 months… I apparently had a bad “Babinski and Hoffman” responses. I really liked him, but I am scared to death! I spoke with my primary on the phone after and stopped by his office to see him when I was done work. He is such a great support for my family and I. He feels that we should proceed. I am going back to my original surgeon next Wednesday and will then make my decision.

This dr told me that it is very painful and I would probably be on percocet and valuim for 6-8 weeks…does that sound right? Also no driving for the same period of time. What should I expect? Any help would be appreciated!!!


i was sore for acouple of adays, felt like balls in the back of my head, i had morphine pump, great stuff,

after that i was just on panadol, im now 3wks post op and dont take anything for pain,

ive been put into 3month recovery, (dont know why so long)

take it easy, where you can, if long trips after surgery, get a cervical soft collar, it helps,

take it day by day, you know your body listen to it,

i didnt think it was a bad surgery, im given shopping in town, i enjoyed it,



I hope that you feel more at ease now that you have gotten a 2nd opinion...I know that really helped me..knowing I saw 2 good NS's and they both agreed on surgery.

It will be 3 yrs next mth for me since my operation....looking back now...it really wasn't that bad!LOL..never thought I would say that!!!

I personally, did not drive for many mths and still today I do not drive the Thru-Way..

The 1st 2 weeks were very painful for me...but my dr. was good about dealing with my pain and ordering the right meds.

Progress was slow for me..but it did come....time takes time...hate that expression....but man, so true!!!!!

keep us updated....



hello I’m glad you found a good NS and i’m 6wks post op, I had those pills but I didn’t take them because it made my head hurt. now the only thing i’m taking now is neoruotin. other than that everything is good.

Thanks everyone…going to go back and see the first one again this week, then will decide who to allow to cut me


I would agree with the above comments. I am 3 years post op now and do not regret having the surgery. I was not on many pain pills after I got home from the hospital. I think I took Vicodin for a few days and then it was only as needed but not all the time. I had excellent care in the hospital and they managed my pain very well. I agree with Jolene, it's not that bad of a surgery. At least not for me. It probably will be 6 weeks before you will be able to drive though. Please let us know when you are scheduled.