14 day migraine. Tired of doctors and pills

I am in day 14 of a migraine. I have had no break from it. Pain medicines have not helped. Migraine medicines have not helped. Sneezing, coughing, bending over, exertion makes it worse. Every doctor just throws another pill at it. Ice and heat do not help. I'm at the end of my rope. I just need relief. The neurosurgeon says it's not from Chiari's and to go back to my neurologist. What on earth do I do now?

Nynda, you can always go to the ER. Sometimes that vicious cycle needs to be broken with stronger meds. If you are at the end of your rope then please go. Have you tried wearing a soft cervical cervical collar yet? I was post op when I developed a raging headache that nothing would touch…until I put on the collar. It went from a 10 down to a 2 within a day.

Hugs and concern,

I am considering a hospitalization for help. The pain is so extreme for so long I want to lay down cry and not get out of bed anymore. However, I am hesitant to go to the ER again (for 4th time) because they give me a shot that lowers the pain a few hours and send me home. It is so hard to function at all anymore with this migraine or whatever it is.

I agree with being admitted Nynda, you know where your limits lie. Seriously consider the neck brace too- just a quick trip to the drugstore for that. I am so sorry you are in so much pain :frowning:

I would gladly go if getting there was not an issue. However, I am not sure on a way to get there.

I’m officially giving you permission…call an ambulance girl. If you have reached your limit you need to get yourself to people who can help you. Let us know that you are on your way to a hospital, okay? 14 days is a looooong time for this. It’s enough.

Family has me waiting to see if new pain medication works. However, the first dose has been completely ineffective leaving me even more hopeless as to my situation. (day 15)

I have been to the doctor and hospital multiple times. I'm not getting the help that I need.

I would look into getting a second opinion as to whether Chiari is causing this. It seems clear that migraine meds aren't helping so I'd question if it's truly a migraine at this point. A lot of doctors don't have a lot of experience with Chiari, I would try seeing someone who specializes. Have you gotten a CINE MRI or other tests to rule out Chiari?

I have only had a CT and a MRI at this point. My NS scheduled my CINE MRI for 6 months from now. At this point I am hopeless as to finding help from my doctors. At day 17 today I am very hopeless for any relief. I question if it is a migraine. or what it is why the medicines are not helping me and why the doctors are not looking for a source.

I am working on getting into another health system in my area. My neurologist is considering me having to go on an injection form of a pain medication that we know works. However, I won't know until Tuesday on that. I am still working on getting into the new health system and to another NL and NS for a second opinion. After 17 days (today was day 17) I can hardly stand myself. It has affected my life so much that I am struggling in college and starting to have stroke like symptoms at times, such as numbness in my face, one side of my mouth not moving correctly, and slurred speech.