Work issue

Hi everyone I am new to this group I am from Dublin Ireland : ) so I’ve worked in a company for 12yrs and as my symptoms got worse if the years my sick days increased a lot. So they referred my to a place which I found a great help I worked full time but starting next week they are making my part time to see will my attendance improve if not they will proceed with formal warnings and eventually terminate my contract can they do this. I am so stressed about this it’s all I can think of at the moment. Any advice thoughts are more than welcome. Thank you

I dunno about Ireland, but in America we have several systems in place to protect people who have issues and want to work.

  1. Family Medical Leave Act – this gives you 12 weeks of time away from work to take care of your own serious medical issues (appointments, flare ups, and so on)

  2. Americans With Disabilities Act – this act requires employers to make reasonable accommodations for people with disabilities who are able to work (example: different chair, access to work station, lighting)

Obviously you have to qualify for these things, you can’t just sign up because you think you deserve it. Ireland might have something similar in place, it’s certainly with checking with your local government offices.


Thank you for your reply. I have had an assessment of my desk and have a new chair which do help when I am here but unfortunately I can’t stop it from beating me sometimes and am really not able to go to work. I am not on part time 3 days a week to see will my sick leave improve. They really worried me when then said because it’s continuing issue they can terminate my contract.

As I am in the U.S. as well, perhaps in Ireland looking for programs similar to the ones ModSupport stated would be a good idea. When my symptoms with Chiari first started, mine started with chronic back pain, migraines, and headaches. I wasn’t even able to work, my symptoms progressively worsened each month and new symptoms came along each month, I know have over a dozen and I am unable to work completely. Previous employers told me they would eventually terminate me because I need modifications and accommodation’s at work beyond a one week period, because I was on pain medication, due to appointments, etc. I actually left the job because of who my employer was treating me.

I hope in Ireland they have programs like these two that will help protect you and help you keep your job and make sure more accommodations are given to you. Hopefully things get better for you!