When You get your surgery

Does things get better? I mean If One have vision problems, loss of sensations, smell and such… After the surgery do things fo back to normal?
New sympton some tinglingnin my tongue/lip. Come and goes. I had My MRI and a TAC around a month ago. The doctors said my chiari was stable ( dont know what that mean) and that there was no blood/fluid leak.
The doctor that will perform the surgery (God first) is an expert for what I have seen/search. He said it was urgent but it has to be done. Mostly because he doesnt like the siringomelia. I’m just scared and since im not working atm people think I need to relax and that most of this is due stress and how im only thinking anout the surgery and such. Thoughts?

Hi, Glory.

It’s my understanding that the outcome of decompression surgery is highly individual. It has helped alleviate symptoms for some here while for others it has not provided significant symptom relief.

I also would tend to agree with your friends that focusing on the surgery may be adding to your anxiety. I know stress certainly contributes to anxiety. That said, I can understand you are nervous and scared. Anyone would be nervous having complex surgery. For me, one of the best ways to keep from focusing on something stressful is to keep my mind occupied on as many pleasant distractions as possible. Do you have pets or children? They always put a smile on my face with their antics. I believe Jules here also mentioned mindfulness… It has also been of tremendous help to me in the face of anxiety and stress.

And, of course, keep coming here for support. We’re all here for you before and after your surgery. Best wishes.


Thank you (he said it wasnt urgent but has to be done) just realize I put was instead of wasnt. And yes i do have a pet my lovely dog That i adore with all my being, I have my amazing aunt, cousins, friends that do all they can to distract me. Im taking a new med because I was having horrible panic attacks and the anxiety was getting worse, One night I was so close to take my whole bottle of med cocktails to just end it all.
Now I feel a way better. Yesterday I went out with my friends and the day before my best friend took me and My Dog for a walk. It gets me frustated that i cant work or drive or even do normal things that is why i ask… Does it gets better? My surgery is in 16 days… And out of town. 3 hours from my puppy, my friends, my home. And Im scared of not going back to at the least close of who I was. I loved being alive even tho my life havent been easy but At least I could do normal things such as grills, restaurants, travel and now I just spend most of my days in bed. I dont have many headaches or migranes. i suffer the
Most for neck, shoulder, back pain. Tingling, numbness and sighh. Thanx for your support and sorry for the rant

Hey Glory4, you do not have to apologise for needing to vent ... we all need to be able to do it sometimes and the beauty of this community is that everyone here totally understands what you're going through.

Yes, as Laurie mentions, I definitely find mindfullness is helpful. I was the worlds greatest cynic but at my friends urging I gave a couple of the short guided meditations on www.franticworld.com a try and the very next time I felt myself getting anxious just took myself back into focusing on my breathing (which is always with you wherever you are!) and before I knew it the sense of panic began to dissipate.

Now getting ready for your surgery ... how about putting together a collage of photos of your puppy to take to hospital with you. I confess to doing this with photos of my cats when we go on vacation ... it makes me feel closer to them. And what else do you think you could prepare now to help you through those tough days away? Do you have a favourite piece of comfy clothing (I love my soft fleecy dressing gown and sheepskin slippers) or what about a nice scented hand or body lotion that makes you think of home or someone or somewhere you love. How about asking your best friend and aunt to write you a card or letter to open after the surgery when you feel up to it. So just some ideas which may help provide you with some comfort.

We're all thinking of you. Jules

Thank you so much. Im working on that. And in my faith and positive thinking… I dont know what the future holds but i do hope I cN be able to be close to normal again. Work!! I want to do so many things. Im always scared and sometimes I think that I will never be fine and that this bed will be my encviorment. Am Alwsys in pain… Always. Sometimes thanx to the meds I feel ok… But never completly fine. Sometimes I can go out even if the pain is there at least I get distracted. Anyways surgery is getting closer… August 8th!! Lets wait and see. I know the “good” is coming… Have read how horrible the recovery is and Im scared. So scared.
Thank u again