What does the site need?

I think some of us need to get together and take shifts when it comes to this support group. The last thing we want is someone feeling that they are not being heard and welcomed. If you are interested in making it better reply if not... don't, but know that it is important to try to make the site the best it can be and it's going to take ALL of us due to eveyone's condition and outside situations. What can we do to the site to make it better?? All answers welcomed.

I notice one thing off the bat, even though you see people in the chat rooms noone answers for whatever reason. When you try to talk to someone that is just online not alot of people respond and if they do they seem apprehensive. It's a support group guys we are here to be open get support, encouragement and answers.

I think that is the problem Emmaline when you leave the site you need to log out so that others won't think you are on there when you are not. Each one of us have our what I call bearable and unbearable days but we can still pull off these shifts just by communicating and letting someone know if you notice you are having unbearable day but have made a committment to do the shift. I myself is always in pain but I have bearable and unbearable days. I would do it all myself, but I physically can't do it because it does escalate my pain along with everyone esle I am sure. I just need enough people who are willing to do it first and then we can try to work out the kinks. Messaging a person is not effective because everyone does not have there email linked which means they won't know about the message until they log back on and even then they don't always reply. If you can't do it I understand...

Maybe if there is a sticky post with who will be reading and responding to posts what day? I don't always look at this site every day so every other day would work for me, but if I knew you all were counting on me I would do my best to check posts, whenever I am on people are free to contact me. I check the chatrooms when i get on and usually there haven't been posts in hours.

Thank you for your response. I guess it's just you and I. I can be on here Monday Thursday and Friday. What times are best for you? I will try to fill in what you can't.


I hardly ever check the chat roooms but I am willing to pitch in. Sometimes I feel like I'm posting too much or I don't have something to offer to certain situations. If I see a post with 0 replies I try to add something if I feel I can. I too have good days and bad days. Recently it's been a string of bad ones. The Moderators are really great. I would message Abby with any ideas for making the site better. She's incredible but she's having a tough time right now too. Let me know.


kmgtm said:

Thank you for your response. I guess it's just you and I. I can be on here Monday Thursday and Friday. What times are best for you? I will try to fill in what you can't.

These are wonderful suggestions and it makes me feel really good that people want to help others so much. We just have to do the best we can but it's not healthy for people to spend too much time Moderating or answering questions, that's why we avoid shifts. The idea is to help when you can, but most importantly take care of your own health. Over the years I've seen people burnout because they were too dedicated, if that makes sense. Better to have balance and help many people. We all try to do our best. :)