Is there

After talking to my husband... I wanted to know if there is a board or thread for spouses of those who are our caregivers/supporters? and if not can one be started and how do we convince our caregivers/supporters esp if they are males to come and get support- i know my husband would be open to it but i also know some others may not be..(we were talking about how chiari seems to affect more women then men but some men do have it as well, and how men seem to be the caregiver/supporters and how some men may need a support system but may not have that system in their area-this just got us thinking was all- i know when i was going through everything we were flying by the seat of our pants and in some respects still are and i am thankful my husband is such a great guy and great support to me i feel i have greatly benefitted from him and his support in my recovery.)

This is an old post, but if anyone is looking, please try our Caregiver Support Community. There is a link to it on the Main Page, right column of this site.