What do I do?

I started having severe neck pain and headaches for several months I just knew something was wrong finally I convinced my dr I needed an MRI I was diagnosed with Chiari type 1. I saw a neurosurgeon and he said I was not surgery material yet,my symptoms has gotten much worse since then so I am seeking a 2nd opinion tomorrow with a different NS. He did a friend of mines Chiari surgery a month ago. I hate to admit this but I’m ready for the surgery and willing to do it just to get my symptoms gone. Is that bad??

Hi baby doll, how did the second appointment go?

Hi ! I had chiari decompression in January and then at the beginning of May I had more skull bone taken off, part of my brain tonsils removed and a dura patch. The first surgery wasn’t bad at all, felt I’m
Idiate results when I woke after surgery. The dura patch surgery was a bit more painful but the relief that has come with it makes it all worth it ! Praying you get some relief soon ! Hang in there :slight_smile:

The surgery isn’t a garenttee to solve all your symptoms hun the only garentee is it will stop the chiari head ache the intense ones u get at the b&m of ur head wen u cough sneeze or strain the feel like ur heads Gonna explode for about few seconds to a min any other symptoms that disappear are a bonus.