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Hi @Amd1988 and welcome to Ben’s Friends! I wanted to make certain that your story didn’t get lost, especially because you have some question.

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Good morning. I’m hoping I can have some opinions here. I live in Canada. Since I was 18 I have suffered from severe headaches. They are debilitating. My doctor has always attributed them to my scoliosis but in October I started getting incredibly dizzy, falling, nausea, ringing in my ear and pressure in my face. After an MRI, the report said I had Chiari Malformation type 1. When I went to the neurologist and neurosurgeon they both said that my Chiari is very mild 4.8mm herniation and it’s not the cause of my symptoms. Is it fair to ask for a second opinion? I know that there is something really wrong as I can’t get through a day without a number of symptoms but I feel like because it’s under 5mm no one is taking me seriously. I’ll attach my MRI pics for reference. Really just looking for opinions and insight as to others experiences.I attached my spine x rays. I have an MRI coming up for my spine as well.

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I suggest you get as many opinions as you can. Definitely more than one! I had surgery 15 years ago and my herniation was the same as yours. There are more surgery options now. The surgery did not help me, but my symptoms were not nearly as bad as yours sound. Be your own advocate and do your research.

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