Weight Gain After Surgery from Steroids

I am scheduled to have decompression surgery on June 3rd. I have been hearing horror stories from different people on how the steroids that they put you on after surgery cause you to gain weight. I don't need to gain anymore weight than I already have in the last year and a half from inactivity. What are some of your experiences before or after steroid use with this surgery?

I actually lost a little weight the first week or so after surgery. My appetite was not great and all I really wanted was fruit and yogurt for probably a week or even two. The steroid really made my pain bearable though. It was pretty bad without the steroid. You won’t be on them for a really long time though. I will be 5 weeks post op on Friday and off my steroids 2 weeks tomorrow. I think if I gained any weight its only a few pounds and that is probably because of not doing much physically.

My NS only gave me steroids while in the hospital. I was released the day after surgery so a total of two days. He was worried they could mask symptoms of an infection or other complication.

Thanks so much for all your helpful comments.