Understanding Our Issues....Then What?

I have been in this group for a little while and it has showed me a great deal about my medical problems that I previously didn`t understand.I now know that a 6mm herniation can be just as problematic as a much greater amount.I also know more about connective tissue disorders,cranial instability,dysautonomia and many more problems that effect me and others like myself.But now that I have all this information ,I still can`t find medical help in my country that that can address these problems.I have found that having this extra knowledge has however, helped me deal with all this with a much better attitude,and I must thank those of you who have done this.I have to admit that this knowledge has got me through a an extremely bad period in my life.But I also have to think to myself.What now?.I know we all have our own cross to bear,but I have been told that it is ,how you do it and not what you do, with it.If you know what I mean.Anyway,thanks for reading this far and I did not intend this to be a whinge but just a statement of gratitude for this forum.Again,....Thank You....

I can relate to your frustrations! I, too, have found that actual information and rehabilitation approaches that can actually HELP my situation are rare and difficult to ferret out.

I needed more than a comprehensive list of Chiari symptoms and a list of medications that are more problematic then they are worthwhile!

I have been blessed in finding healthcare professionals who can take the leap from diagnosing me to be able to offer solutions to improving my functional levels. No, I have not found this information in chat rooms like this nor through Google, but is out there!