Thought after surgery it was all better

Today is hard. Week three of chronic migraine. Face pain. Neuro surgeons are out of the picture now. The urgent surgery part is LOOONG over. Now all that is left is the fall out of AFTER BRAIN SURGERY. Does anyone relate?
I had lidocaine shots all over my face, temple, throat, scalp, back of neck, and shoulders, and the dreaded tender occipital region… You all know the drill. … In a desperate attempt to stop the pain. Took the pain from an 8 to a 6. I’ll take it. Prevents an ER visit.
Taking Savella now for FIBRO for pain while they tell me I need more antidepressants. I tell them I dont think I’m depressed I think I’m just in pain. DID SOMEONE HIT A REWIND BUTTON?
This all sounds way too familiar.
I guess I’m just wondering is you al go through this too???

Dear Sandy....

So sorry you have been going through all this agony...When was your decompression....I know from your page your were Dx'd some yrs ago..just wondering when the surgery was???

No wonder you are with chronic pain!

If you had your operation a while you think it is time to get another MRI to see if something is up, such as scar tissue..hindering CSF flow???

Keep us updated.


I am still going thru it. In fact, I just got back from a doctor’s appointment. Only to be told that he wasn’t too familiar with Chiari, but gave me 2 scripts…one for Meloxicam and the other for flexiril…Neither of which will work so they sit in my purse because I won’t waste money filling them. He ordered xrays to see what is wrong with my neck and shoulder after I told him that I have 2 bulging discs and 1 fusion. Anyway, I feel like I have gone backwards instead of forwards also. In all actuality, I am worse now than I was before surgery. But no one wants to deal with me. I, too, was told that I must be depressed and that is probably what is causing my pain…REALLY??? I am so sick of doctors I could just SCREAM!!!