Symptoms and no diagnosis

Please if you see this thread, respond. I wrote 2 rather lengthy posts and never heard from them again, no answers from the group, no responses and no seeing the posts, so if you see this post, i am desperate to talk w ith people who have not been diagnosed as having the Chiari be the cause of their symptoms. I have slurred speech. Anyoone have that? Where can I find people who have symptoms. I visit the neurosurgeon this week. He already told me he believes Chiari is not my problem,even tho it is evident in the radiologic reports. CYC

Hi, Lousville Red!

I was first diagnosed ~8 years ago, but didn't continue seeing my doctor, because I didn't understands what's Chiari and I was 16 or 17. I stareted getting worse this summer and decided to see a neurologist, made an appointment with the chief of the neurology department in my local hospital. I live in Liepaja, Latvia. So I showed her my MRI's and she responded:" your symptoms are most likely caused by depression," without even letting me tell her all my symptoms. Needless to say I'm never going back to her.

Because I know so many Chiari patients hear the " it's not Chiari, you're just depressed", I went to a psyc eval. My next step will be finding a neurologist that I can trust.

My symptoms are : extreme fatigue, feeling of a closed throat, trouble breathing, swallowing, different kinds of pain, dizziness, balance problems(not severe in my opinion), tinnitus, vision changing based on how good/bad I feel, and I'm sure theres something I've forgotten. I had trouble sleeping, but that's fixed after being on sleeping pills for almost 2 monts.

You need to find a doctor who takes you seriously. Don't waste your time and health on people who are not helping! I wish you luck!

Hello Louisville Red, I've just looked back and other than your member profile I don't see any posts from you so something must have gone wrong but it certainly explains why you didn't get any replies.

Do check out the site search facility (the search box is at the very top of your desktop site screen view) and be prepared to do your own research into members discussions to find some answers to your questions. We also have a very useful section Chiari Info for Members which you may find helpful.