Surgery Friday

I’m scheduled for surgery this Friday, but I have had bronchitis for the past three weeks and not sure what I should do! I took a anitbiotic that was one dose that last ten days, claritin D, and cough medicine, now a aerosol machine. I get better one day, then the next I feel like it’s back. But it’s not bad all day, just either mornings or nights. I don’t know if they will do my surgery, I don’t have a fever and I think it’s slowly getting better. I soooooo don’t want to cancel this! I have prepared myself and I don’t think I can wait any longer! I know it’s dangerous to have it if I am sick, but if I don’t have a fever will I be ok? I am so stressed over this! I have been so sick the past few weeks I haven’t done anything. And now it’s time for surgery. RRRR! Any suggestions how I can kick this crap by Friday??

They won’t do it if you are or have been sick. You don’t want to risk an infection spreading.

Good luck!!! Hopefully they can reschedule it for soon.

Well…I went to the hospital on the 21st like the nurse told me to. They listened to my lungs and said they sounded ok, but by the time I got to pre op I started wheezing. The anestisiologist said I just needed an aerosol treatment and I would be fine. So thats what we did. I know sooner got done with it and they were injecting me with happy meds and wheeled into the OR. I believe I was in surgery close to five hours. My NS told my husband that when he opened me up and removed the vertebrae and piece of skull, my brain popped out and formed like it should have been. He said that it was definitely more compressed than he had thought by my MRI’S. The surgery went well, and no complications. I had to spend five hours in recovery due to the fact the hospital just got new computer software and no one knew how to use it. That was a nightmare! When they finally found my orders on the system, I was then moved to a step down unit. Where I laid for seven hours without any pain meds! Because again, they didn’t have my orders because they couldn’t read the new system. K…By this time I was screaming and crying in horrible pain, as was my husband! He didn’t know what to do for me and felt helpless. My NS was leaving right after my surgery to go out of the country. But before he left he gave my hubby his cell number. Grant it my hubby was on the phone with him in no time. He actually came back to the hospital before catching his plane. He set everyone straight. I was moved three times in the step down unit because 1st, the way I was being treated, doc said to get me out of there, then I had to move because they needed my room for a male, then they moved me because it was so loud in that room my head was killing me. It was a awful experience at the hospital! I was there five days, then for some unknown reason I was sent to a nursing home for a week. I had surgery on the 21st, and just got home Tuesday. I was told I was sent there for extensive rehab. lol! And no, I did not get that at the nursing home! While I was there, they refused to give me my pain meds as prescribed by my NS. They said they were in charge now. So hubby was on the phone calling my NS in France. He told him to bring me in Tuesday to his office. We went in there, grant it, he just got back to the states that morning! When we told him what happened with being sent to the nursing home and how they treated me, he was floored! He wrote orders to have me released from their care and sent home. He took my stitches and staples out too. I have noticed some symptoms have gone, but still some are there. But not sure if it’s some of the meds doing it too. It will be two weeks tomorrow I had surgery, and still have headaches and neck pain. I can barely turn my head. But I do feel like it was a success! No complications so far! I’m excited to see what the next few weeks have to bring. I must say, this was the most painful surgery I have ever had! But my NS made sure I had plenty of meds to keep the pain under control. I think he did a great job and he is the most caring NS I have ever met! Sorry for writing so long, just so much happened, needed to fill you all in! lol! Hope everyone is doing well! Glad to be back home! Take care!

Abby said:

Oh my, you should reschedule. Hope your better real soon my friend.

Sending you hugs, and prayers,


Hi Kay...

Thank God you are home!!!! Glad you feel as though it was a sure to listen to your body and not over-do.

that was strange about the nursing home...something seems to have gotten goofed up with the NS's orders...He most likely wanted you to go to "Acute Rehab" for therapy.....A lot of Acute Rehabs are located in a part of the nursing home. Sorry you had to go through all that .

How are you feeling today...Nov.4th(Friday?? Are you going to out patient PT????? Go easy...Keep us posted.



Thank you Lori and Abby! Sorry I haven't posted in awhile! Glad I thought things were going great! This has been the longest recovery in the world! I must say I have done nothing but take it easy! My hubby wont let me do anything, God love him! I have had lots of family issues with my dad and sister. They have caused me a lot of grief through all this. You would have to know them to understand. Let's just say, my surgery was worse than their surgeries they have had and they have a jealousy issue with me! I was sooo close with my mom, but she passed 8yrs ago. So I really had no one except my hubby through all this. And a few great friends. I was pretty much trapped at home in bed for weeks, and everyone who said, if you need anything just call, well..let's just say they were all busy! It was a very depressing time! I drove today for the firwst time, and don't think I should have! I'm still having blurred vision, dizziness, clogged ear and ringing. Now im feeling nausious again. And now having headaches in the back of my head. The only symptom gone is my right eye quit twitching. Im very discouraged, and my NS thinks that it's from migraines. He says that nothing is wrong with the surgery and my last catscan that was done a week after surgery looked fine, and my lumbar puncture was fine last week. I am finally getting out of bed and doing things. But I feel terrible! My NS is scheduling me with a NL to see about migraines. lol! I have all the symptoms I had before surgery and I don't believe they are migraines! But whatever! Guess I will go see this guy and let him tell me he has no clue what's causing all this, just like in the past years! After what happend to me at the hospital with them not knowing what the hell they were doing, im not sure I trust what my NS is telling me! Hell, who knows, maybe they weren't reading my reports?? And im not kidding, they really had a new computer system and no one knew how to read it! I just hope they didn't cause harm to another patient while trying to figure it out! I do have numbers to file complaints. And believe me, I will! And they can eat my Nursing Home bill! Seven days of hell! I'd love to know what therapy they were suppose to do! They said I had drop foot, lmao! I was taking care of the elderly lady in my room! They would leave her on the pot for a half hour and I would have to get her off it, or go get help! It was insane!!!! Sorry so long! Just the worse experience of my life!!!!! And not sure I trust my NS after all of it!!


1st off..thank God for your loving get it...when you mentioned the friends that tell us whatever you need...and then they are MIA....

I am so sorry you are so down and still have problems...I can only share what my Ns told me..he said it was going to take a very long time for my brain to adjust to the new flow of CSF...It does get better...took a long time for me...i think i didn't even attempt to drive for at least 4 mths post op....

Has your NS take an MRI since since your surgery?

let me know how you are doing, k??



pssshh friends are only there when things are easy...and pretty much the same with a lot of hubby and youngest son was all i had to help me through all of it and i thank god for them too, who knows where i'd be if they weren't.

you must remember recovery takes time and while it was only part of the brain that was operated on, the whole brain was affected in one form or another and as i was told it could take anywhere from 3 mths to a yr for ppl to heal. So while you may not see or feel those symptoms gone it may take time until swelling and things to go down and change for the body to get use to the "new and improved" movement.

holy smoke- i would be raising hellO with the hospital director, the nursing director, the nursing home owner and director and i would also report both the hospital and the nursing home with the state health care board! there is absolutely NO NEED for the treatment you received!..

I do hope you feel some relief soon,

Oh PS i knew i wasnt healed enough because when I drove and I felt like you discribed.

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