Super confused about my Syrinx..? Can someone look at it?

I put the picture in the attachment.
My NS told me my Syrinx should not be worried about at all. He said we don't have to monitor it and I think wrong..
Does this mean I have syringomyelia? Cause syringomyelia is considered any fluid filled cavity... Kinda confused. I know this syrinx isn't big, I mean i've seen huge ones.
But never say never, it could cause problems. My NS said there is no way my syrinx could cause any problems. Still wanna know why I have a syrinx....

^ it's right there!

Any comments? Please feel free to tell me!

Yes, Chiari can cause it.

I think your best bet is getting a second opinion. What do your parents think?

Great, I look forward to hearing an update.

I'm not trying to criticize your doctor and obviously I don't have all the info he has, but I don't know why he thinks you should just let the syrinx go. You have a herniation, you have a syrinx which is most likely caused by your Chiari causing reduced flow of your fluid. You have the typical symptoms. Unless you are a REALLY poor candidate for surgery, I can't think of any reason why he doesn't think something needs done.

This is just my opinion. I would be so frustrated if I was you or your mom. lol.