Spinal Tap?

So I met with a neurosurgeon today named Dr. Eggers from Evansville, IN. He said that my brain is too big for my skull.....lol, and I have a 5mm protrusion of the cerebellum that indicated a chiari malformation, which I already was aware of. My question is about the spinal tap he wants to do......he wants to check for hydrocephalus. But I was told by someone else that it was not safe for individuals with chiari to have a spinal tap and to ask about doing a CINE MRI instead. Anyone familiar with that? Also since surgery is more than likely in the near future, should I still pursue disability through my attorney? We are actually starting the appeal process now as we speak. I have lost my ability to work, and have major issues taking care of my home and family.....is it even worth trying to fight for it if I may be having the procedure done? Thank you!!! Any input is greatly appreciated!!!


I replied on your blog..but in case you didn't read it ..I had both a spinal tap and CINE MRI..the spinal (Lumbar Puncture, some docs call it) was really to rule out other diseases rather than get a pressure...The CINE MRI in my opinion is so imprtant to see if the CSF is blocked or diminished...in my own case, it was not completely blocked...but diminished.

From all I have read, many people are denied SSDI the 1st time around..I would have the lawyer appeal it ..if it were me.

Good luck and let us know how you are doing!

I have NO medical background at all. I do know though that my daughter's NS is very well versed in Chiari. He uses CINE MRI and cautioned us against Spinal taps in the future if anyone every suggested one for my daughter for whatever reason.

Yes I agree with those above. I had developed hydrocephalus and only had MRI’s.